Friday, August 11, 2006

Justify Your Art in 250 Words Or Less

I justify writing poetry, when there's so much out there already, by saying there are worse things I could be doing. Better activities, sure, but there are many more worse things (developing a drug addiction, stalking celebrities, watching too much TV). How do you justify it? 250 words or less.


Blogger J Martin said...

Can't help it. Might hurt somebody--more than I already have or do--without it. Mean well. Keeps me healthier. Helps me figure things out. Poetry enacts both the forces of creation and destruction, gives thought a place to manifest. Another way of saying writing is thinking. Writing saves thinking. Writing finds new ways of thinking. Writing is the bridge tha might replace Laynie Browne's idea of light. Or maybe writing is the bridge. Can a bridge be light?
Art explains the mysteries of the world before science. This is probably only a little more than a 100 words, but will save the rest, because I think each individual poem has to justify itself. Might need extra words. Please send help. We are surrounded. You know. Don't make me keep trying to say it.

12:03 AM  
Blogger Don said...

Poetry "gives thought a place to manifest." Are thoughts just words in search of a poem (or novel, or essay, etc.)? What's the difference between writing and thinking? Or existence and writing/saying?

Poetry does keep me healthier; it's almost like a sketch pad for my ideas/worries about the universe. I can enact these little plays on paper to arrive at new perspectives about the world and myself.

When I die, the world will end. So, keep me alive, bitches!

9:20 AM  

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