Friday, July 28, 2006

Production is Fun

My writing goes like this: I write about 2 poems a day now and then hope that one per week is any good. I've never been a big reviser, though when I do, I can obtain good results. I just keep producing, it seems easier than angsting over one particular poem. (Do I use "I" too much in my posts?) Is this the best way for me? How do other people produce works (an hour of writing a day? when inspiration strikes?) Of course, like any writer, I'm neurotic as hell, and this seems to be the best way to keep writing while staying in my right mind. What I do now is just shuffle to a page in random from a poetry collection, write down the first words I see, and put them as my title. Then I write my poem. That way, the subject comes from outside me, and I don't have to worry about what to write about. What I'm reading right now: A.R. Ammons, Selected Poems, David Lehman, Editor; and The Oblivion Ha Ha by James Tate. Going to see Of Montreal on Saturday. I can't wait, even if it's in a crummy venue. They kicked ass on a tour I saw them on a few years ago.


Blogger J Martin said...


Usually, late at night, I just write until something happens. When that doesn't work, I go back to stuff that I wrote late at night previously and try revising. When that doesn't work, I do an exercise.

Sometimes I'll do a poem like your "abracadabra," but instead of the alphabet, I use a line of somebody else's poetry to get me started.

Sometimes going for a long walk or a bicycle ride will get a line circling in my head. If I can get that line into a holding pattern, usually I can push it into a poem.

Also, when I'm really stuck and desperate, I go to page 119 of The Practice of Poetry edited by Robin Behn and Chase Twichell. The 20 Little Poetry Projects Exercise by Jim Simmerman almost always helps me produce something I'm interested in.

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