Friday, July 14, 2006

Levi's Commerical

Have you seen that Levi's commercial where a guy stomps a thief (who's running from police) because the thief stole his jeans? Did you check out the amazing looking girl in her underwear who's in his apartment with him, watching the police chase and her boyfriend's capture of the thief? She may be the hottest woman of all time. I want to write a poem about that! I think it plays to male vanity in a lot of ways: 1) the guy's tough enough to catch a bad guy, but he's also "stylish" by wearing these jeans 2) it confirms that he's an Alpha, good enough to have this type of girlfriend (and wearing Levi's does, too) and 3) it appeals to a vision of masculinity that's in vogue now -- sensitive enough to be at home with his girl watching TV, but tough enough to kick someone's ass if need be. A macho metrosexual, sort of. And he's tough in the service of "metrosexual" values -- style, domesticity, etc. O.K., now to buy some Levi's.


Blogger J Martin said...

I need to watch more tv.

8:31 PM  

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