Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Five Sentences

Underline the word you would most like to take on a date and stiff the bill with (prime rib, champagne, roller skate rentals, auto damage). A hero needs a degree of expertise to kill the three-headed platypus in Australia. I could develop that photograph, but what would your mother think? The air raids continued until we no could longer hear our consonants and vowels, those curvy and prickly things in our voices that summoned the police and revealed deaths in whispers (although the bodies don't mind if we shout). Sixteen skulls lined up from this point to that point really makes one think about mortality, fate, and what person would ever do something so odd just to make a point, when the evidence is all around us, our co-worker coughing from his future pneumonia, our politicians bragging about "targeting" enemies, our families waving at us from their misty shores.


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