Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Favorite Movies

Tagged by Sandra, here are my favorite movies (as of this date). These are all films I'd have to watch if somehow I ran across it on a TV station. It's weird that Sandra and I both have The Last Unicorn as one of our favorite movies -- I put it as a reference in one of my poems. I still get weepy at several scenes of the movie, such as when the hero pushes back the bull to save the last unicorn. Maltilda I must watch if I see it on a station -- there's a scene where she's using her powers to move around dishes and stuff that always gets to me. I always laugh at Rat Race and Sixteen Candles has a lot of sentimental value (being an 80s kids). Stranger than Fiction is a new one for me -- I just love the concept and the execution. Very moving. Donnie Darko, of course, is genius, as is Revenge of the Nerds :) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Blue Velvet The Last Unicorn/The Hobbit Rat Race Matilda Breaking the Waves American Splendor Donnie Darko Sixteen Candles Indiana Jones Revenge of the Nerds Stranger than Fiction


Blogger newzoopoet said...

Donnie Darko made my list, too. I forgot about Stranger Than Fiction...great movie!!

I've been asking about writer's conferences and Sandra says you attended the Nebraska Summer Writer's Conference. I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

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