Thursday, February 08, 2007

Something That Fails

An antique Model T found in a barn. Locusts with broken wings, sprayed by pesticide. An apology to your assault victim, who still has a brick embedded in his head. A face cream that's supposed to make you young and beautiful. Damaged baby doll knocked around in mailed crate. Nuclear fission experiments by angelic toddlers. A rope you bought cheap from the last suicide. Three beans you threw out your window expecting stalks to erupt toward giants. Flu vs. your shot. A man attempting to whistle his lover out the door. Bird calls in a museum. Gerrymandering a state into 16 edible pieces. Wind tunnels at the fashion show. Germs vs. soap. Skin vs. lips and tongues. Denial vs. acceptance and hope. Promises on a birthday card. A mother's reassurance, as you lay in bed, just like a grave.


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