Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Working on a Collection

Long time, no post. I'm working on ordering a collection of poems for a workshop I will have with Mark Doty in June. I've been looking at other books and it seems like many of them have themes or ordered chronologically. My current plan is to use the search functions to look up stars, moons, and space in my poems, and to use those. But, I also need to try to get the published or to-be-published poems in. That's what a publisher might look at, credits and such. I also entered the Spoon River Poetry Journal's contest -- they don't like anything I send them, but maybe they'll pick out one of my poems as a winner of the contest. Who knows; like the lottery. At least I get a subscription with it. So, what else? I'd love to find a good poetry girl to date, but that's not easy in this alienated town of D.C. I'm also feel sad about the loss of Jackly Potter, who was the orgaizer of the Miller Cabin readings. I didn't know here too well, she was much older, but she did say some nice things about my work I appreciated when she selected me for a reading.


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