Wednesday, July 12, 2006


"Waiting" is a word that shows up in my poetry a lot. This was pointed out to me by my friend and colleague, Todd "John Denver" Boss. (By the way, check out his latest poems in "Poetry," I'm not kidding, they're good). I have stopped myself from using that word in poems I'm writing now, but I guess I should explore it a bit more, too. Why "waiting"? Because my dad was always late to pick me up, from soccer practice, school, etc. That's why I'm so anal about being on time now. Additionally, I used to work for the military, where "hurry up and wait" was the rule, and my dad was military. I also feel like I'm waiting for things in my life to happen sometimes -- waiting for a girl to call, waiting for submissions to come back, waiting for conferences, etc. We're all in one big waiting room, and death is going to call our name eventually. Yes, maybe I should title a new poem "Waiting."


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