Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Write Bad Poetry

From CNN's/Sports Illustrated's Web site, by Kelly Dwyer: "Washington wrapped up a disappointing season with a seven-point loss to the Cavaliers on Monday, a four-game playoff sweep that revealed next to nothing about these Wizards. With the team's two-best players on the pine, all we learned in four losses to the Cavs was that Antonio Daniels never turns the ball over (that's been apparent since 2001), Antawn Jamison can score with the best of them (you don't say?), and that this team's big men just can't be trusted to do anything besides get in fights and write bad poetry (assuming that there's such a thing as good poetry, of course). " Shall we be mocked, or shall we send Mr. Dwyer some bad poetry (which is apparently all poetry)?


Blogger kellydwyer said...

Let me qualify that. Chuck Berry wrote some good poetry. Ronnie Lane, too.

2:20 PM  

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