Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm not sure if I should post this. It's not completely right yet, and I don't think anything can get at the sorrow and grief people are feeling right now. If you feel this isn't right, that I should take it off the site, please let me know. Memorial Poem I am heartbroken. It tore my heart out. She was one of the victims. His head sticking out above the crowd. Smiling and dancing. One of the best teachers. This is still a shock and still sinking in. Classmates are dead. A leader was shot. Let mom know that I'm doing O.K. Kids were safe playing. This horrific, senseless, and cowardly event. Happy, good-natured, always ready with a joke and a smile. All of the campers were surrounding him. I miss him in my professional world. Looked so beautiful in the gown and cap. This woman loved. We’ll all get through it.


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