Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rock Lyrics, Fiery Furnaces

Here's a link to an interview with Matthew Friedberger, a member of the Fiery Furnaces, a great indie rock group. His answers at least point to a way to think about rock lyrics and poetry. Here's a excerpt: Pitchfork: How important are the sound of words to your lyrics vs. the meaning of the words? MF: It's the difference between good lyrics and bad lyrics to me. Rock lyrics should have noisy words. You get to have a lot of double talk and excessive alliteration, and that kind of aligned in my mind to later 19th century or early 20th century writing, before the crystal-clear Ernest Hemingway and William Carlos Williams style. [Robert] Browning and [Algernon Charles] Swinburne and Kipling, those are the writers who are appropriate to steal from for rock lyrics because they're big and noisy and vulgar in a certain way like rock music is supposed to be. That's the costume rock music should be wearing. The link:


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