Friday, February 03, 2006

Revisions, Revisions

Other than surfing for MP3s last night, what I did mostly was revise old poems. I'm enjoying it, in some ways; in others, it creates a lot of anxiety, because I fear I don't know what I'm doing or if I'm improving anything. I guess I should just keep that Merwin poem "Berryman" to heart; no one knows if anything they're doing is good. I have trouble with the newer stuff; I guess I need time for the ideal version of the poem in my head to pass, so I can see how to improve the one on the page. Any tips for revision out there? I'm working on a book (for the next month) that's going to be critiqued at a writer's conference in June in Nebraska, so any tips would be appreciated.


Blogger Mary said...

Suggestions. Humm. Well, revising a poem is not easy to do when it's new. Stick that puppy in a drawer for a few days, let it sleep, quiet like, as if it were in a coma, then drag it out and read it from the bottom to the top, then top to bottom. Sometimes just looking it with arms akimbo and head askew will make it seem like someone else's work, and your muse will turn into Lizzie Bordan and take a whack at it with great zest. All to the better I say. Mary

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