Wednesday, March 14, 2007


At the factory *you've never been to one* we manufacture facts *you mostly have wrong opinions* for the politician ghosts *why ghosts again?* We put them in large boxes *how about minuscule, tinfoil, ice cream* and mail them to congressional advisers *you live near D.C.* When the time is right *you're so cynical* we unveil them to the public *that faceless audience you think you have* which discards the old beliefs like cards in a bad game of Go Fish *do you remember the old rules anymore?* So, we don't really look at the facts *too hard* but they feel like sticky sea creatures *octopus, squid, jellyfish, dolphin* that want to be put back in the sea *you can't get close to an aquarium without squirming* They're more comfortable being undiscovered *probabilities only, not the truth* living inside a heavy darkness *hello my old friend* like maggots in jelly *not those again* that stare in silence at the submarines that dare to enter their depths *have you seen that movie, The Abyss? was it underrated? I'm scared, but I think when I watch it I want to drown, just like the actors pretend to, the couple sharing their breaths, pounding on her chest to make her live, almost dying*


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