Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kooser Poems

Ted Kooser, of course, is pretty well known as the current poet laureate. I've been looking at some of his poems and thinking about copying his general style, laconic prose with cool, imagistic details, and corrupting it with my weirdness. In other words, give my take on the world while taking bits of his style and approach. I'm sure it'll end up like nothing I expected, an odd synthesis, which is good. My poem below might be an example of this; let me know what you think (if anyone is reading this, that is). Special Effects by Donald Illich The only reason we didn’t die in a nuclear war was that the special effects hadn’t been perfected yet. But as the years grow we become more and more used to the eventual fallouts of our imaginations.


Blogger Dean said...

I haven't read Kooser. This is a damned good poem. You lead with a terrific and weird idea (Nuclear war delayed because we lacked the special effects capabilities -- scary, because we have them now, and you're right, they inure us to shock), and then you didn't try to upstage your great idea, but ended it quietly (and with a good, simple summary and left us hanging. It's tempting, with a great wild idea, to try to push it further. I like the way you let the poem end quietly.

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