Sunday, April 03, 2011

NaPoWriMo Day 3: The Machine

I added on to my body
In the most mysterious way.
Attached a microwave
to my chest, an electric
toothbrush to my hand,
a pair of waxed skis
to my desperate feet.
No one knew I’d do this
until I showed up
in the morning, a burrito
cooking, my incisors
frothing and clean,
seeking out a long hill
to speed down, arrive
at the bottom refreshed
and happy to do it
again. My friends
were willing to go along,
they put in frozen meals,
borrow me at close
of day for dental health,
helped me climb up
stairs to reach my room.
Others took photographs
so they could show
strangers how I spent
my time, to post online
for me to join the weird
and the wonderful.
If I could say anything
it would be to watch
the phone, the TV sets,
the door and widow,
every piece of your home.
They whisper, “Take me
with you. One day you
won’t be able to say no.”


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