Wednesday, May 16, 2007

50 Love Poems Chapbook

I've printed out a limited number of copies of my chapbook, "50 Love Poems," that I'm selling. I could tell you all kinds of great things about the book, and that you could spend $7 on other products that wouldn't be as lasting, but I'll let a few poems below speak for themselves. I will also write you a unique four line love poem that will be yours alone on each book. If you're interesting in buying one, please e-mail me at for more purchasing information. (My printer/designer: I Every rock show I’m standing alone by the bar, sipping a cheap beer, kissing goodbye to all the dollars in my pocket. The bands might be surprised, though, if you slipped behind me and wrapped soft arms around my hyperventilating chest. They might stop playing, throw a spotlight on us, and dedicate a new song to our love, made up then and there as if we telegraphed words and music through the way we touched beneath blinking string lights. We’d dance past concert posters and paintings of skulls on the wall. We’d rub our nose rings like Gothic Eskimos. The punk rock girls would catch the bouquet of thorns. Security would escort us. Upheld lighters would guide our way. VI After leaving your place the world became a living cartoon, serenading birds flapping on my shoulder, pesky bunnies so happy they make everyone sick. When the super-heroes arrive they ask me to rescue you from your ex-boyfriend who wants to destroy the new universe and put the rundown dump back in its place. I try to use my kill-asshole-laser-beams, but he has a bigger-than-you-force field and the Hall of Beer is broken apart, the girl’s disappeared amidst the fray. For whistling squirrels and your safe return I’d let him escape, fight evil another day.


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