Saturday, December 02, 2006


I've been watching an igloo very patiently. The teenage polar bear who's been hiding in there has my fish. We discussed at length yesterday my request that it stop stealing my items. If its' going to come down from the iceberg it has to respect my rights to consume salmon in peace. It munches them loudly, cracking the scales and bones, growling to the other teenage polar bears that it doesn't have to listen to Old Man Don. Well, I have a penguin with a heavy lead weight that says otherwise. When it lumbers out, it'll see Cool McGee wobbling over the snow, perfect prey, even for a sleepy teen. Once the bear devours it without stopping to the chew, it'll realize it's stuck to the ground, can't move. That's when I'll call on the teenage wolves from next door. They'll give it a razzing it'll never forget, and I'll gain a brand new rug.


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