Monday, November 20, 2006


If you look closely you can still see the lines once sketched on this sidewalk. It's a huge part of our history, the Chalk Wars of 2006. You see, youngsters, a group of ruffians out west didn't like this part of the country. They bought a large box of colorful chalk to mark the residents out of existence. Each time they drew a person he blinked out of his life into the picture. How horrifying, to be stuck in a work of art, knowing no one can make you real again. Then, with a little elbow grease, water, and high powered cleansers, the gang vanished the human being as quick as a hummingbird's eye. The citizens of this country started to fight back, but instead of chalk they used pressed wood, known then as "pages." They used their complex vocabulary to trap the criminals inside a sentence. For example, a black bearded misanthrope named Jack was put inside a very small one. He wanted to fight his way out, escape their clutches, bang on the punctuation until the commas let him out a backdoor, but there was no one to help. It's because of those brave men and women that we're here today inside this network, minds floating through electronic seas, free to be copied and re-copied forever. And why Jack isn't.


Blogger J Martin said...

Free Jack, too!

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