Monday, November 13, 2006


When the cell divided, the two parts argued and decided they had to go to court. Part 1 was unhappy with its space in the organism, and Part 2 believed Part 1 had cheated with a nasty virus. The judge, a DNA spiral that had spiraled through centuries of cases, presided over it one life cycle ago. The attorneys, two mitochondria. on the outs with the thin, permeable membranes, did their best to argue for their clients. Part 1 kept trying to add the judge to its body, and the bailiff, a rogue germ, had to separate them continually. Part felt reason would help, asked a scientist and her microscope to map the paths they took through the bloodstream to figure out what really happened. Unfortunately, just as the verdict was going to be read, the uncertainty principle happened upon the proceedings. Part 1 turned into a banana. Part 2 became two lords arguing in 16th century England. The judge stayed itself, but added an autistic component that would make 2 parents very unhappy, while the attorneys found themselves in a desert behind the wheels of an angry jeep. They didn't know why the vehicle was upset, just that they flew in the air over a gully, heard explosions overhead, and saw the midnight fiesta of death hand them balloons, which they grabbed then floated into the sky, which made them forget everything.


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