Friday, October 27, 2006


Ugh, I'm poison! I took myself, even though clearly on my bottle, it said don't take me with milk, Chinese food, or shiny, shiny red apples. Hemlock is jealous now, so is cyanide. They sit around the pill watching TV, waiting for me to come home. Late that night I sneak in past the vocal cords as we're tossed down a throat. Oh, and where have you been, little noxious contaminant? And you have a 007 license for that? Yeah, you think you're really less painful than your girlfriend noose or that nice exposure kid next door? Meanwhile, the stomach rumbles (because that's what they do), acid throws a party with intestines for stringers, the internal organs are telling them to eat cake, and the royalty in the head is just minding its own business, moseying along, clueless as a crossword puzzle left out in the rain.


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