Monday, October 16, 2006


Damn, this rock is heavy! Are you sure there isn't something smaller I can roll, like, I don't know, a ball of fluff or a bicycle tire? Yeah, yeah, here for punishment, your horrible doom, I'm a bad guy, heard it all before. Hey, no need to poke me with that thing! It's been a long way over that stinky river, then herded with the mob through the lakes of burning fire, then getting roughly separated by those goons over there. I suppose I shouldn't complain, after seeing what that one guy was buried in (what a crime for masturbaters), but let's consider I'm going to be doing something over and over for eternity. A bird pecking at a metal mountain. A wait at an eternal dentist's office with no magazines but Field and Stream. Does it have to be so hard? All right, get moving, I'm pushing, I'm pushing . . . .


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