Friday, April 15, 2011

Extra NaPoWriMo: The Coast

From here we could see whales
bringing down ships, harpoons falling
out, the captain sinking on the blowhole.
We also viewed nuclear submarines
surfacing, seeking a place to surprise
citizens with sailors in weird outfits.
Also, we noticed yachts racing
toward each other, rich men playing
a game of chicken, where one swerves,
puts up a J. Crew flag of surrender.
We'd like to tell, too, about picnickers
on shore who ate with sharpened
knives, the parents and children
aching to stab each other, given
a chance, a sign of disobedience,
or a bit of uncoolness.  Even birds
marched on the sand, wearing bottle
cap helmets, prepared to combat
the fish waiting under the high tide.
And us, we didn't desire a thing.
We planned on burying each other
so the waves could drown us, the last
light of the sun cool, our eyes closed.


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