Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Awesome People

Awesome People are indescribable So, this poem will actually be about Other folks, who know of these people And hope one day to talk with them, Or failing that, to breathe their air. Because they are Awesome, more Handsome, more beautiful, more Intelligent, more new and improved, More not-improved-because-how Could-they-be, other folks place Maps of their bodies on walls in their Homes. During the day they pray To kiss pets like Awesome People Do, with just enough tongue, and During the night they want to order Cocktails the same way, with lots Of lemon and no date rape drugs. If they touched Awesome People Their trick knees would pull rabbits From their joints, their backs would Become fronts, storm the battle of The sexes. Meanwhile, Awesome People dream of torching fame, Tearing off neon "As." They fear They'll disappear if audiences don't See them, like babies who see moms Cover their eyes, believe it's they Who've gone away and start crying.


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